Commercial Services

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Washing Raccoons is your local leader in commercial services. Most of our clients see us as one-stop-shop solution for their exterior and interior building maintenance needs. We offer various building maintenance services for commercial and residential clients. We specialize in window washing, facade cleaning, roof and gutter cleaning, hard-water removal and other maintenance work.
Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning

Cleaning commercial windows is one of our specialties. Washing Raccoons has the specific equipment and safety training to clean windows of any height. Our crew performs this affordable service quickly and safely so you can take care of the rest of your business.

Exterior Building Cleaning

Exterior Building Cleaning

We specialize in cleaning of exterior facade, roofs, awnings, canopies and architectural elements of multi-story buildings. Washing Raccoons utilizes various methods of cleaning such as pressure washing, soft-cleaning, and chemical cleaning. Our unique expertise in various access techniques and equipment enable us to access any spot on a building safely and efficiently.

High Interior Maintenance

High Interior Maintenance

Washing Raccoons provides unique solutions for High Interior Cleaning and Maintenance. Unlike other building maintenance contractors, our expertise in various access techniques allows us to access any high interior area safely and cost-efficiently. All of our technicians are trained and certified in use of rope access, various spider and compact lifts, rolling towers, and ladders depending on the task and Client’s needs.

Hard-Water removal

Hard-Water Removal

Washing Raccoons can remove hard water stains and spotting even after years of exposure. Our removal process utilizes specially formulated glass clarifying agents in conjunction with our polishing process. We have been successful in removing etching and the damage it can cause.

Commercial Exterior Maintenance

Exterior Maintenance

We provide a number of commercial exterior maintenance services aimed at keeping buildings looking their best and performing properly. Washing Raccoons will keep your buildings inviting to your employees and customers. As with all services supplied by Washing Raccoons, you can expect a quality relationship designed to meet your needs.

Commercial Rope Access

Rope Access

An average day on the job for our experts involves working at heights and in hard to reach spaces. These kinds of jobs require special skills. Our team has years of best-practice experience in Chicago. Practically no job is impossible for our rope access specialists — if there’s a way to do it, we’ll find it.