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Washing Raccoons is a professional exterior building cleaning contractor serving commercial and residential buildings in Chicago.

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A building's external facade are constantly exposed to climatic and environmental pollution that can corrode any type of building external surface. Over time, such pollutions will degrade the building's exterior and potentially diminish the property's value. Regular scheduled external cleaning can limit these damages caused by environmental pollutions and enhance the building's aesthetics and value. Safety access is the utmost importance in the external cleaning. We utilize various methods to access and clean every corner of your property whether it is a vertical high-rise building or spread-out low-rise buildings. Washing Raccoons uses only proper and Eco-friendly cleaning solutions that will not damage the building facade or the environmental.

We specialize in cleaning of exterior facade, roofs, awnings, canopies and architectural elements of multi-story buildings.

To achieve high-quality results and protect the materials, Washing Raccoons team utilizes various methods of cleaning such as soft-cleaning, pressure washing, and chemical cleaning. Our unique expertise in various access techniques and equipment enable us to access any spot on a building safely and efficiently.

Routine exterior cleaning is not only important for building appearance but also for protection of exterior surfaces from staining, mold and deterioration. Most of commonly used, exterior building substrates (stucco, brick, cement, natural stone) have porous structure that allow dirt and air contaminants to penetrate into the material. Overtime, these contaminants can cause permanent staining and significantly restrict vapor permeability. As a consequence, trapped moisture and contaminants cause the substrate cracking, aging, discoloration, staining, as well as mold and fungus growth. Thus, then closer the building to the areas with high air pollution such as roads, highways, industrial facilities, dusty fields, then more frequently the exterior needs to be cleaned and maintained.

In Washing Raccoons, we focus on Safety-Quality-Efficiency to deliver best results for exterior building cleaning projects.

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