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We offer top-notch building maintenance services for commercial clients. We specialize in window washing/cleaning, facade cleaning, roof and gutter cleaning, hard-water removal, and other maintenance work.

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Our Commercial Services

Commercial Window Cleaning

Cleaning commercial windows is one of our specialties. Washing Raccoons has the specific equipment and safety training to clean windows of any height. With the help of effective cleansing solutions, we can guarantee you that the view is always clear and there are no marks or smudges left.

Commercial painting

The appearance of a house could not be underestimated when it comes to renovating or selling, and that definitely includes a neat exterior painting. If you’re feeling like your property needs a few new coats of paint, feel free to call Washing Raccoons and book an appointment. We make sure to work fast, safely and on budget to be on top of our clients’ expectations at all times.

Graffiti Removal

If your property became a target for vandalists and undesired drawings, you might consider getting professional graffiti removal services. Any paint could be safely and easily removed without causing any damage to the walls themselves with the work of our specialists. Washing Raccoons is a few calls away from giving your business a fresh new look, without you having to worry about the cleaning part on your own.


Water can be quite harmful to the structures, causing mold growth and material destruction, so it is strongly recommended to waterproof your facility from time to time. Washing Raccoons’ team will make sure that rainwater causes no damage to your business, securing basements and rooftops from possible corrosion dangers. Our specialists will get rid of any water ingress problem, securing your business for years ahead.

Building Maintenance

The team of Washing Raccoons offers a wide range of cleaning services from surface polishing to color enhancement, for both residential and commercial clients.

Exterior Building Cleaning

We specialize in cleaning exterior facades, roofs, awnings, canopies and architectural elements of multi-storey buildings. Washing Raccoons utilizes various methods of cleaning such as pressure washing, soft-cleaning, and chemical cleaning. Our team can ensure you that after our services your building will look renewed, helping your business give off the right first impression.

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Washing Raccoons, Inc. exists to provide Los Angeles residents with quality cleaning and maintenance services for Residential and Commercial clients. We strive to ensure their facilities are a reflection of care, quality and integrality.


Washing Raccoons, Inc. technicians are highly proficient in the safest means of working at heights. We ensure the safety of our technicians, as well as everyone else around, by employing only the very best safety practices.

High Standards

Though we work at heights, we are always in control of any situation, and we want our clients to expect a service that is up to only the highest standards at all times.

Trusted Provider

Washing Raccoons, Inc. is a company grateful to all clients who chose us throughout the years. We always ensured their complete satisfaction with our work, and we guarantee you high-quality services at all times.

Drug Test & Background Check

All Washing Raccoons employees are drug-free and background screened. Public records include criminal records, arrest records, court records, commercial records, and financial records. Mandatory substance tests increase our organization’s accountability and reduce the risk of accidents.

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