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Hard Water Stains are easy for us

Hard water stains can be easily removed by our professionals from the outside, and the inside of the windows. They can wipe right off with a little spray and elbow grease. Through a series of chemical washes, soft cloth washing and other methods, the stains on the windows, and around the windows will be easier to lift off, allowing the window to look just like it once did. Hard water stains, however, are sometimes not the issue that you’re having, and deep stains might have migrated into the base of the windows, making them unsightly.

Washing Raccoons specialize in glass restoration and hard-water stains removal from glass, marble, granite and metal (stainless steel, aluminum).

Hard-water (aka calcium deposits, glass corrosion, oxidation) are the most common type of glass damage. They can appear as grey or white hazy stains with shape of water drips.

Several ways

to prevent hard water stains appearance
Hard Water Removal

Eliminate the source of water

For example, redirecting or improving irrigation system around a building.


Special Sealer

Protecting glass, polished stone, metals from corrosion by applying special sealer. Most of the sealers can provide 1-2 years protection depending on sun and water exposure, and then need to be reapplied.


Drying the surface

Drying all smooth surfaces (glass, metal, polished stone) if they got exposed to the water as soon as possible. For example, if you’ve rinsed windows from hose, they should be wiped or squeegeed. Otherwise, remaining water drips and dissolved salts will corrode the glass causing hard-water stains overtime.

We can perform hard water stain removal on glass surfaces with even the most difficult hard water stains. Our hard water stain removal services can save hundreds of dollars per window for each piece of glass when compared to glass replacement costs. Our processes for hard water stain removal are cost effective and efficient, and can be completed in any area.

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