Exterior Maintenance

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Commercial Exterior Maintenance

Washing Raccoons provides unique solutions for exterior maintenance of multi-story buildings beyond cleaning. Thus, we offer visual inspection, leaks inspection and repair, waterproofing, light bulbs replacement, decoration installation, and other exterior maintenance work at height.

All of Washing Raccoons technicians are trained and certified in use of rope access, aerial platforms, suspended platforms, and fall-protection. Such versatility enables us to complete tasks at height safely and efficiently selecting suitable approach to access an area of work.

Washing Raccoons team is fully insured and equipped for any type and scale of High Interior Maintenance project.

On every job, we guarantee high level of safety, quality of our work, project management and coordination

Exterior Maintenance Services

  • Visual Inspection
  • Leaks inspection, repair and water test
  • Caulking & waterproofing
  • Signage, decorations adjustment and repair
  • Light bulbs replacement
  • Installation and rigging (lights, banners, decorations and other)
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