Post-Construction Window Cleaning

24/7 Professional Services in Orange County

Washing Raccoons is a professional post-construction window cleaning contractor serving commercial and residential buildings in Orange County.

Cleaning commercial and residential windows is one of our specialties. We have the specific equipment and safety training to clean windows of any height. Our crew performs this affordable service quickly and safely so you can take care of the rest of your business.

Post-construction window cleaning includes removal of construction debris from glass such as paint splatter and overspray, sealer and sealants stains, adhesives, stickers and tape, cement and others. Additionally, per clients request frames, tracks and sills can be included in the cleaning. Sometimes, there are stains on the glass that would require glass polishing.

Window Washing Safety


All of our technicians are trained in using various access and fall-protection techniques. Accordingly, we put safety as a number “One” priority in our day-to-day operations. In Washing Raccoons, we adhere to the best safety standards and techniques to minimize risks for our employees, properties, and public.

Window Washing Quality


We ensure high-quality results by using the best practices, techniques, products, tools, and equipment in an industry. To emphasize, our goal is to meet and exceed our clients’ quality expectations on every job. For this reason, we will leave a job only when our clients are happy with the results!

Window Washing Efficiency


Most of our clients appreciate the speed of our work and cost-efficiency that often reflects in very competitive prices and minimal effect on tenants. We always strive to achieve optimal job performance through proper planning, effective project and operations management and using the right tools and techniques. Thus, our final priority is to complete the project in the most efficient way without compromising Safety or Quality.

Our Cleaning Process

Window Washing

Pre Wash Window

We start by pre-washing the window with an eco friendly detergent.


Buff Out Window

Then we buff out the window with a #0000 grade buff pad. This loosens up the debris from the window.


Remove Paint / Grime

For windows with extra grime and paint over spray we use a window cleaning razor to remove these elements.


Wash and Squeegee

We then finish with the final wash and squeegee the window to a perfect streak-free shine.

How We Count Windows

Window Cleaning One Window

One Window

Window Cleaning Two Windows

Two Windows

Window Cleaning Three Windows

Three Windows

Window Cleaning Specialty Windows

Specialty Windows

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