After Construction Window Cleaning

If you’re starting to notice unappealing smudges on the windows in your house but some of them appear to be quite hard to reach, it might be the best idea to let professionals carry out this task for you. Without the need to buy expensive chemicals and balance on a ladder you can sit back and let our crew do the cleaning part for an affordable cost. Here at Washing Raccoons we perform our service quickly and safely, so you won’t even notice how your windows are back to their gloss again. We make sure to utilize equipment of the highest quality and environment-friendly solutions so the least harm as possible is made to our surroundings. Our team takes pride in the excellent working ethics and professional approach to project managing, allowing us to always finish the job on time.

 Renovating on its own is a pretty messy process, leaving traces of work both inside and outside of the building. Any stains or marks are especially noticeable on windows, and if not treated correctly could become a major problem in the future with the need to repair or even replace the glass. This, however, is easy to avoid with the assistance of Washing Raccoons – we are ready to deliver our after construction window cleaning services right when you need it.

         Our crew works for our residential and commercial customers – houses, schools, hotels, universities, shopping centers or any other type of facility. Whenever you notice your freshly constructed or renewed building having stained windows, we can help you get rid of this problem once and for all. Our cleaning specialists approach the projects professionally and thoroughly, ensuring a perfectly neat result for our clients in a timely manner. 

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