Building Maintenance

The team of Washing Raccoons offers a wide range of cleaning services from surface polishing to color enhancement, for both residential and commercial clients.

Most of the building materials tend to get scratched, stained, or deformed over time, and in order to restore the fresh look, you might need a helping hand of a specialist. Various structures require different approaches, and without professional equipment, it would appear quite challenging.


Metal surfaces can be a real hassle when it comes to their reparation. Over time these materials cover in unappealing marks, leaving the owners in the need of replacing them. Whenever you notice the metal elements in your building covered in scratch marks and discoloration, be sure to leave this problem to Washing Raccoons. We can easily bring your bronze, gold, steel, aluminum, or any other material back to its best shape by polishing, refinishing, or cleaning.

We provide our residential and commercial clients wood cleaning services as well. Wooden furniture and façades could be extremely vulnerable to water, heat, or insects, so chemicals in the hands of an incompetent worker could damage the surface significantly. However, our team utilizes various methods of restoration, polishing, and cleaning of wooden surfaces so not a single stain or mark is left behind. We work with our customers’ satisfaction in mind, putting our job at the highest standards at all times.



Natural stone restoration and cleaning is one of our specialties that we practice at Washing Raccoons. Our professionals are experienced in stone masonry so they know exactly what techniques are most suitable for your property. Whether it’s just a few stone elements or a complete reparation of the exterior, we’ll make sure to deliver the best of our service.

Without a doubt, it is essential to know what you’re dealing with beforehand when it comes to the process of maintenance or reparation. Our experts at Washing Raccoons always carry out an inspection prior to any maintenance service, all in order to locate the problem and then effectively address it. This way we know what was the core of the issue, and how to fix it so our clients will never have to worry about it in the future. A thorough inspection process can help to avoid the same problem spots in the long run and eliminate the present ones at its core.



Waterproofing is a crucial process in terms of preserving the building for as long as possible, considering how strongly water can damage the structure. A simple leak in a pipe can immensely harm the building in the long run and can potentially create problems way more expensive than just this. That’s exactly how the team of Washing Raccoons can help you tackle the problem from its beginning with caulking and waterproofing services.

Preparing for a holiday often means it’s time to balance on ladders, trying to install decorations with numerous tools, which is not the most enjoyable thing ever. For commercial business owners, it’s always setting out the mood for clients and employees with signs that might not always be easy to install. However, it is always an option to let pros handle the preparations for you. Just like that our professionals at Washing Raccoons are always ready to help you with installation and rigging when the holiday time is getting closer and hassle is getting harder to avoid.



Having a tough time adjusting the holiday decorations or fixing the broken ones? Washing Raccoons can help you decorate your property, no matter if it’s a skyscraper office, a shopping center, or a residential house. Just as good as rigging, we practice decorations repair, so if there are any troublesome ornaments, you can always trust Washing Raccoons. Our team can deal with the signage installation or decoration adjustment while you manage your other holiday to-do tasks.

We always check for the leaking places before operating any gutter cleaning services, just so we know exactly where the problem spot is located. A water test is exactly how we identify the issue and work directly on putting an end to it, then preventing it from ever happening again. Only after a couple of in-depth inspections and tests, our professionals start the process of reparation, when we are fully prepared and have a clear plan of our actions.


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