Commercial Painting

The appearance of a house could not be underestimated when it comes to renovating or selling, and that definitely includes a neat exterior painting. If you’re feeling like your property needs a few new coats of paint, feel free to call Washing Raccoons and book an appointment. We make sure to work fast, safely and on budget to be on top of our clients’ expectations at all times.

             Exterior and interior painting are one of our specialties in Washing Raccoons. Trust our experienced painters with this task – and we’ll breathe new colors into any type of commercial building from hotels to industrial establishments, without any kind of disruption to your workers. With Washing Raccoons you will never have to worry about renovation – our team will take care of your freshly painted property while you manage other projects.

Our goal is not only to enhance your business’ visual representation and to make it a more welcoming environment for clients but also to secure your property from destruction. Extra coatings of paint could easily protect walls from ultraviolet and save your construction for years to come. Washing Raccoons utilizes high-quality, low-odor, and quick-to-dry paint in order to make sure we meet all the time criteria and offer the top-effectiveness service to our customers. 


Washing Raccoons’ team operates interior painting services for any type of commercial or residential buildings. Our team is eager to give your living room or hallway a brand new look with the color of your choice. We use the best quality equipment, low-odor, and quick-to-dry paints to achieve the fastest and the least harmful results with our work.

Not only does a new coat of paint add to the visual appeal of the building, but it also protects the façade from daily exposure to sunlight, water, and many other types of harmful forces. Here at Washing Raccoons, we offer our exterior painting services, so you won’t have to bother with paints, ladders, and chemicals.



Both wall coverings installation and removal processes could be quite tricky when it comes to all the gluing and measuring aspects of it. Leave this challenge to the professionals and be sure that there will be no damage to the structure and a brand new look on the walls of your building.

 If you are having trouble with holes in the walls left after the work of an electrician or after moving furniture, it might be a smart idea to schedule an appointment with an experienced drywall repair contractor. Washing Raccoons’ team can assist you in small drywall patchwork just as much as in massive walls replacing projects at an affordable rate.



Noticing scratches, holes, or other light damage on the wooden furniture that needs maintenance as soon as possible? We’ve got you covered at Washing Raccoons. We offer our light carpentry and repair services so the woodwork at your place always looks in its best condition and serves you a long time in the future. Our carpentry experts work with our clients’ satisfaction at heart at all times, and our goal is to deliver the best of our abilities.

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