House washing

House washing could become a pretty troublesome task if done without the assistance of a professional. At Washing Raccoons we provide both soft and pressure washing depending on the exterior material and the intensity of stains or mildew. Our crew is always ready to lend a helping hand in house washing services to our residential customers, ensuring a top-quality result at all times.

Whether the house is up for sale or personal use, its appearance is quite important either way. Not only does mold and mildew create an unattractive image, but it also damages the building from the inside at an increasing rate. Removing such troublesome substances without harming the surface takes up a professional approach, which we are always glad to offer at Washing Raccoons.

Our crew provides different types of pressure washing services depending on the house exterior and the intensity of mold. You will never have to worry about the surface damage with our technicians since they know perfectly what kind of washing would work with your house specifically. At Washing Raccoons, we strive not only to be at the top of our clients’ expectations but also to help our planet at large by utilizing environment-friendly materials. Trust us with any kind of challenging washing tasks, and make the whole neighborhood envious of your property.


The façade of your house is an important matter since it is the first thing the visitors look at. Dirty exteriors create an unappealing first impression, and to avoid that it is a good idea to schedule an appointment with a professional. Our team is experienced in the house pressure washing method, so you will never have to worry about operating such an intense washing technique on your own. Pressure washing requires a knowing hand, especially in hard-to-reach places that could easily be damaged, and Washing Raccoons can make your property come back to its original appeal just right with this technique.

When it comes to house washing, an intense pressure washing method is not always the best option. In certain situations it could move the harmful microorganism from one spot to another, causing dangerous amounts of damage to the exterior surface at large. Washing Raccoons provides a more gentle chemical technique that allows us to terminate the problematic spots from its core. We execute soft washing on various exterior surfaces, aiming for a 100% client satisfaction result at all times.



Mostly because of its prior function, driveways tend to easily get stained with dirt and tire marks over a pretty short period of time. If neglected, it can become a troublesome spot even for the toughest cleaners. That’s exactly the reason why pressure washing executed by a professional would be the best option in a dirty driveway situation. Washing Raccoons has a team of experienced pressure washing specialists who can easily bring back a clean look to your driveway with this technique.

Just like any structure made of wooden or metal materials, fences are vulnerable to moss growth or oxidation processes, and over time can get into a poor condition. If neglected, some cases can require intense treatment, which could easily damage the fence surface if not done by a professional. At Washing Raccoons, we can clean any house exterior, driveway, or fence in little to no time with the pressure washing method. With our specialists at work, any surface can be looking just like a brand new shining one.



Metal surfaces can be a real hassle when it comes to their reparation. Over time these materials cover in unappealing marks, leaving the owners in the need of replacing them. Whenever you notice the metal elements in your building covered in scratch marks and discoloration, be sure to leave this problem to Washing Raccoons. We can easily bring your bronze, gold, steel, aluminum, or any other material back to its best shape by polishing, refinishing, or cleaning.

We provide our residential and commercial clients wood cleaning services as well. Wooden furniture and façades could be extremely vulnerable to water, heat, or insects, so chemicals in the hands of an incompetent worker could damage the surface significantly. However, our team utilizes various methods of restoration, polishing, and cleaning of wooden surfaces so not a single stain or mark is left behind. We work with our customers’ satisfaction in mind, putting our job at the highest standards at all times.



Natural stone restoration and cleaning is one of our specialties that we practice at Washing Raccoons. Our professionals are experienced in stone masonry so they know exactly what techniques are most suitable for your property. Whether it’s just a few stone elements or a complete reparation of the exterior, we’ll make sure to deliver the best of our service.

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