Pressure Washing

We specialize in cleaning of exterior facade, roofs, awnings, canopies and architectural elements of multi-story buildings. Washing Raccoons utilizes various methods of cleaning such as pressure washing, soft-cleaning, and chemical cleaning. Our unique expertise in various access techniques and equipment enable us to access any spot on a building safely and efficiently.

Washing Raccoons, serving Los Angeles and surrounding areas, provides power washing and soft washing services for your home’s exterior. Has your roof developed ugly, black streaks over the years? You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars replacing your shingles to have a good looking roof again. The professionals at Washing Raccoons can remove the stains and streaks caused by algae, moss and other organisms and help protect it.

Our team of power washing professionals can blast away tough dirt and grime from your home, leaving it shiny, clean, and totally restored to its natural, gorgeous finish! And our deep window cleaning expertise allows us to handle even the toughest jobs. Whether your windows just need a bit of a touch-up, or you’ve got serious buildup of dust and gunk, we’ll take fantastic care of your home.

While doing exterior cleaning, we always consider how to work safely and prevent any potential damage to finishing or water intrusion. Thus, we select an appropriate cleaning method among pressure washing, soft washing, polishing or stain removal with special products.


Pressure washing (also called power washing) can make dirty concrete driveways, sidewalks, and patios look like new again! Washing Raccoons‘s pressure washing service can usually remove even the toughest oil and rust stains. Washing Raccoons Pressure Washing uses all bio-degradable pressure cleaning products that will not harm your landscape. We also use a surface cleaner machine which prevents etching the concrete during power washing. Our philosophy is to use the lowest amount of pressure needed to do the job so that there’s no chance of damaging your property.

A professional concrete cleaning company, like Washing Raccoons, doesn’t just spray away the surface stains and grime on your concrete. We go deeper to eliminate contaminants and disinfect the concrete, keeping your concrete looking better longer and extending the time between your treatments. Washing Raccoons has developed a cleaning process to remove and eliminate the mold, moss, mildew, grease, dirt and algae infestation on almost any type of surface or material.



Regular, professional roof cleaning does more than make your home’s roof look good; roof soft wash pressure washing removes damaging debris, including twigs, leaves, seeds, bird droppings, residue from acid rain, as well as dirt and algae that get lodged between roofing tiles. A professional roof shingle cleaner can remove all that debris, keeping tiles and shingles secure and intact.

After years of work, we have perfected the art of removing mold, mildew, & dirt from your vinyl and aluminum siding without the use of high pressure. This technique is called soft washing. Soft washing is a low pressure way to clean the exterior of your home using a light application of chemicals that safely kill mold and mildew. It has proven to be effective and is now an industry standard. Soft washing can even clean 3-4 story homes without the use of a ladder.


Our serving area in Los Angeles:

Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Long Beach, Malibu, Las Vegas, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Rolling Hills, Marina del Rey, Hollywood, Palos Verdes Estates, Santa Fe Springs, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills Estates, Bellflower, Burbank, San Marino, Lakewood, Carson, Culver City, El Segundo, Gardena, Glendale, Lomita, Hawthorne, Inglewood, La Cañada Flintridge, Torrance and Lawndale.

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