Residential Painting

The appearance of a house could not be underestimated when it comes to renovating or selling, and that definitely includes a neat exterior painting. If you’re feeling like your property needs a few new coats of paint, feel free to call Washing Raccoons and book an appointment. We make sure to work fast, safely and on budget to be on top of our clients’ expectations at all times.

 Renewing your house could be quite a hassle with all the paints, ladders, and brushes, especially if done all by yourself. The idea of having a fresh coat of paint on your property is great, yet how much effort can it take without having a professional by your side. Allow Washing Raccoons to take care of this task – we paint your house with a brand new color of your choice, while you don’t have to worry about climbing ladders or spilling paint.

         Whether there is a need to recolor the exterior surface or paint a room inside, our team will be done with the project in no time – you won’t even notice us. By utilizing low-odor and quick-to-dry paints, we ensure our clients have a pleasant experience with the painting services we offer without any headaches or dizziness. Your dream house design is only one call away, since our crew is always happy to assist you in renovating your house at an affordable rate.


The team of Washing Raccoons practices interior painting for both of our residential and commercial clients. The look of the building from the inside is just as important as the outside, especially for your customers and guests. We work quickly and efficiently, just so you won’t even notice us staying for a long time or disrupting your workday in any way. Our technicians only use top-quality products that leave no intense smells or potential headaches for our clients behind.

The face of the building is just as important as the inside since it is supposed to represent the house owner or the business to the visitors. In order not to create a false impression and for the structure to last longer, it’s strongly recommended to re-paint the building exterior from time to time. It’s hard to underestimate how a couple of fresh coats of paint could change the whole appeal of a building. Washing Raccoons professionals can assure you that after our painting work your property will be more protected from ultraviolet and possible dangers like insects as well.



Wallpapers removal is a real challenge just as much as an installation that a lot of house owners have to face. Poor equipment choice or unprofessional working ethics could result in unappealing and costly wall damage, creating a list of problems to take care of. Whenever there is a need to remove and repair the wall coverings, you can always trust our team of qualified painters at Washing Raccoons to perform the service for you. We take our time to thoroughly measure the walls, carefully remove the old coverings, and only then install the new wallpapers themselves.

Wooden furniture is by nature prone to unappealing scratches, stains, and marks, and without timely maintenance, it could end up in quite poor condition. Cabinets are not an exclusion, especially if used daily. As professionals in our field, we offer our cabinet refinishing and repainting services to our customers. A couple of fresh paint coats could easily help any piece of furniture last longer, protecting it from possible damage by environmental forces. Not only that, but our service can retrieve the original look of your cabinets and make them look exactly like new ones.



Struggling to choose a tone of paint, or can’t decide which pattern would look better? Our specialists can assist you in this decision with color consultation services. Colors tend to have a great impact on our minds, and that a correctly picked paint or wallpaper can change the appeal of a room completely. Whenever you need it, we are always here to give you advice on what combination would look perfect for your house or business.

Epoxy covering is a good way to help the concrete surface last longer by adding an extra layer of protection from water and other types of exposure. Not only does a coat of epoxy create a more aesthetically pleasing look, but it makes the concrete less slippery and keeps water away on top of that. Washing Raccoons technicians practice concrete staining and epoxy finish for both commercial and residential customers, securing concrete driveways, sidewalks, garage floors, patios, and numerous other places.



There dozens of things that could potentially cause drywall damage, such as insects or mice, a recent visit by a plumber, or simply moving the furniture from one place to another. In some cases all it takes is a few patches, but others might need a whole replacement and an approach of a pro. If that’s what you’re looking for – you have found Washing Raccoons. We work with any type of damage in an efficient and timely manner, ensuring our residential and commercial clients a pleasant experience with our team.

Wood is a vulnerable material when it comes to exposure to water or excessive ultraviolet, causing corrosion and mold growth. House decks are especially at risk of those expensive problems with constant exposures to rainwater or sun. If that’s the challenge you have been facing – Washing Raccoons can help you just right. We offer deck restoration services for our residential clients no matter how big the amount of work or the area that needs to be cleaned.



Whenever you start noticing cracks in the stucco elements of your house, it might be beneficial to pass this task into the hands of a pro. At Washing Raccoons, we offer the best of our stucco repair and painting services just so we can guarantee our customers a 100% satisfying result. Let our team take care of the water damage or incorrect stucco mixture, and watch your property change its looks in no time. We also provide our painting services to add even more beauty to the renewed stucco surfaces.

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