Roof Cleaning

Accumulation of debris and dirt on the roofs is a serious and an expensive problem that a lot of house owners have to face. It’s always a good idea to let professionals deliver the roof cleaning services in order to help your property to last many more years in the future. Our experienced team is ready to assist you in this troublesome process. Any type of moss or mildew could be safely removed with the help of our technicians using the pressure or soft washing technique in little to no time.

Just like every other part of the house, roof maintenance is extremely important if you want your property to last for years ahead. If not cleaned regularly, debris and mildew can cause a list of expensive problems in the future such as serious damage to the roof tiles or rainwater retention.        

However, this disastrous scenario is easy to avoid. Let Washing Raccoons solve this problem for you – our technicians will make sure your roof is freshly cleaned of any type of moss or lichen. We utilize high-quality equipment that allows us to push the results to the maximum with as least harm to the environment as possible. Depending on the material and the condition, our professionals execute either soft or pressure washing just so the face of your building looks neat again.

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