Solar Panels Cleaning

Solar power systems don’t work at their full capacity if obstructed with dirt or moss, therefore requiring meticulous maintenance from time to time. Washing Raccoons delivers solar panels cleaning services, using the top-quality equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial solar panels owners.

There are a lot of important aspects to maintaining solar panels, and one of them is undeniably cleaning. Obstructed with dirt or moss, the solar power system never works at its full efficiency, producing significantly less than a regularly cleaned one. With the help of a professional, however, this process could prevent future inconveniences and a lot of other costly problems.

         Here at Washing Raccoons, we practice solar panel cleaning for our residential and commercial customers. The cleaning procedure also includes an inspection that ensures every component of your power system is working properly. We utilize environmentally-friendly solutions, so the least harm as possible is made to our surroundings. Our specialists are trained to execute the services safely and effectively at all times, so even if the solar panels are located in hard-to-reach places – you can rest assured we’ll take care of it.

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