Water can be quite harmful to the structures, causing mold growth and material destruction, so it is strongly recommended to waterproof your facility from time to time. Washing Raccoons’ team will make sure that rainwater causes no damage to your business, securing basements and rooftops from possible corrosion dangers. Our specialists will get rid of any water ingress problem, securing your business for years ahead.

It is always in the best interest of a business owner to protect their property from destruction and to preserve it for as long as possible, and considering how destructive water can get, waterproofing is a must-do for every commercial facility. The team of Washing Raccoons is ready to assist you in preventing water ingress, possible molds and corrosions and overall reducing damage to the structure to the minimum.

No matter what kind of building we’re dealing with, our specialists will come up with a perfect waterproofing plan, customized for your business specifically. Balconies, rooftops, basements – Washing Raccoons will deliver the service you seek in no time without causing any distraction to your workday. We pride ourselves in constantly working up to our clients’ standards, and finishing the projects only if the customer is a hundred percent satisfied with the result.

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