While looking for professional cleaning contractors’ assistance, it’s always a good idea to get to know who you are working with before actually scheduling an appointment.

Our history can be traced back to 2016, when Washing Raccoons began working as quite a small cleaning business in Chicago, offering local business and residential clients the best of our services at a time. In 2017 we relocated to Los Angeles, and since that moment we have been providing our cleaning and restoration services in  County of Los Angeles and Orange County. Specifically, our services include window washing, pressure washing, facade cleaning, painting, roof and gutter cleaning, leak repairs, and other maintenance work. Throughout the time of our practice we have worked with hotels, universities, shopping centers, office skyscrapers, and residential clients just as well. These years helped us in gaining lots of experience that allows us to constantly improve our service so we keep on being on top of our client’s expectations.

You might wonder – how did we choose the company name, and why exactly Raccoons? Just as any other cleaning contractor, we were pursuing our goal to create an original, short yet easy-to-remember name that demonstrates the main aspects of our services. While hundreds of cleaning companies use phrases similar to “window cleaning” in their names over and over, we tried pushing our creativity a little farther than this. Keeping the overall idea of the “washing” service is undoubtedly important, but repetitive names can easily get confused with dozens of similar ones in the search bar.

Another one of the reasons for our company name is the fact that raccoons are known to be tidy with what they eat, especially considering their habit of washing food in the water even when it was caught from the water in the first place. Before consuming the food raccoons tend to rush to the source of water so their prey is always clean. Our team prides itself in similar preciseness – we won’t be finished with the project unless the result is shining with tidiness and our customer is fully satisfied. These little animals in some way inspired us to add the word “raccoons” to the company’s name, representing picture-perfect neatness as our top priority at all times.

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